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Grange Construction

Hardscaping is the process of designing and installing non-living elements in a landscape, such as stone walls, concrete patios, gravel paths, wooden decks, metal fences, and water features. Hardscaping can enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of a property, as well as increase its value and reduce maintenance costs. Hardscaping can also create contrast and balance with the softscaping elements, such as plants, flowers, grass, and trees. Hardscaping requires careful planning and execution, taking into account the site conditions, drainage, materials, budget, and personal preferences of the client.
Some common hardscaping materials include natural stone, gravel, pavers, bricks, concrete, wood, metal, and glass.

Let Grange Construction assist you with all your hardscaping needs.

Grange Construction deliver quality work within the agreed time frame and budget.
We focus on doing the job right the first time by paying attention to details and work with local suppliers.

Grange Practices:
► One on one service from beginning to end.
► Open communication between our company representatives and our clients.
► Calls are always returned with in a timely manner.
► We are fully insured and require our subcontractors to be as well.
► We pride ourselves on bringing honesty back to contracting.

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